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cinta senese

pecorino (sheep cheese)
cinta senese (pork specials)
wild boar specials
ham and salami
olio d'oliva
The Sienees pig "cinta senese" is not as big as an usaual pig, black in color with a caracteristic white stripe aroung the chest. Its legs are ahigher and its tale is not wrinkled. Its meat tastes stronger than normal pork. It stands between a pig and a wild boar.

The ham made from the "cinta senese" (sieneese pork) is a bit stronger in taste than the traditional tuscan ham. Flavored with salt, pepper and wild fennel and seasoned for at least half a year. all natural ingredients.

The ideal company for a good glass of wine.

Lardo from the "cinta senese" is a lot more than just fat. Its flavored with salt, pepper, hot pepper, wild fennel and bay; seasoned for at least .
Just put the lardo in fine slices on a piece of beard, as you like with some fresh-chopped rosemary and toast it till it melts a bit. Serve it as its still hot.
The ideal company for a good glass of wine.