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Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G.

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Just for you we’ve browsed this years “Benvenuto Brunello”, the annual wine event in Montalcino and tasted us through the Brunello 2003. After an unlucky vintage, the 2002 that was presented last year, we could find quite some good bottles on the producers’ tables. These are the wines we liked the most:

Rosso d’Orcia
Brunello di Montalcino
Rosso di Montalcino
Nobile di Montepulciano
Rosso di Montepulciano
Chianti Classico
Chianti Colli Senesi
Morellino di Scansano
Toscana Rosso
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sparkling wines
Vin Santo & Grappa

Biondi Santi
is quite known as the inventor of Brunello wines, but not only therefore it will always be the top of Brunello wines in Montalcino and not only for us. The Brunello 2003, as always made under the supervision of the master himself, dottore Franco Biondi Santi, has a quite intense ruby red color, a fruity perfume with hints of withered roses. Very structured on the palate, well balanced and fruity. Great harmony between the tannins and the acidity. A great pleasure to drink, or to keep for at least forty years.

"Solaria 2003"

This Brunello has a nice ruby red color with garnet hints. Its perfume is complex with notes of fruits. Well structured on the palate, fruity as well, with pleasant hints of the barrels.

"Terralsole 2003"

A ruby red color, a fruity scent, very elegant on the palate as well, with hints of plums, wild berries and wood. Full and soft. Very persistant.

"Pian dell'Orino 2003"

A quite particular Brunello, produced biologically with all due respect for the surrounding nature. Its scent is very intense and fruity, full and structured on the palate, with fruity and spicy hints. The nice ruby red color visible at the light, but you could enjoy in after dark as well, without taking the wrong bottle: the label is written in Braille as well.

"Fornacina 2003"

Ruby red in color with garnet hints. Its perfume is quite intense, with notes of fruit and spices. On the palate well structured and fruity.

La Gerla "Vigna gli Angeli" 2003

This Brunello „Cru“ has a ruby red color, tending to garnet with time. Intensive its perfume, with hints of violets and fruits. Warm and full on the palate, with fruity hints. Very elegant its finish as well.

La Gerla 2003
Ruby red in color. Fruity perfume with hints of violetts. Warm and full on the palate; hints of wild berries. Long lasting, elegant finish.

"Terre Nere 2002"

A nice ruby red color and a fruity perfume are preparing ones palate for a fruity, structured taste. Thus 2002 has not been rated good, this one we have rated and deemed well. A Brunello ready to be enjoyed

Romitorio 2003
This wine has a nice ruby red color and a quite intense perfume. On the palate very elegant and due to the well balanced tannins quite full, fruity and spicy.

Talenti 2003
A wine with a ruby red color. Its perfume is intense and harmonic. On the palate verz elegant, with hints of red fruits and vanilla. Long lasting and elegant its finish
other Brunello wines

This top vintage 2001 Brunello shows a strong ruby red color. Its bouquet is quite fruity with hints of cherries, wild berries and spices.

The elegant tannins and the acidity are leaving a lot of room for evolvement.

It has been the Brunello preferred by our clients.

Vintages available: 1999,2001

The Brunello 2001 riserva of the estate "La Fortuna" is stronger in taste and has an even fuller body than the 2001 standard lable Brunello.

A great drinking sensation that goes along very well with a wide range of platters.

This Brunello 2001 “Le Potazzine” has a intense ruby red color. Its perfume is quite fruity with hints of cherries. On the palate quite round and smooth with sensations of cherries, minerals and a hint of tobacco. Quite full due to the fine tannins. A very elegant wine, made in the traditional way.
Vintages available: 1997, 2001

This Brunello di Montalcino 2001 from the Abbadia Ardenga is ruby red with garnet hints. Full and rich on the palate with hints of tobacco and cereals. Elegant and full is its long lasting finish. A good bottle and a very fair price.

This Brunello di Montalcino “La Fuga 2001” has a deep ruby red color, tending toward violet. Its scent reminds one of cherries, plums and violets. The bouquet copies the perfume, quite soft and full. In the long finish hints of tobacco and liquorice. Aged 36 month in oak wood casks and elevated in the bottle for 12 months at of all the 77 so far.

The Brunello Brunello 2001 “La Poderina” with its ruby red color has a fruity perfume. On the palate sensations of blackberries, spices and coffee. Long lasting finish. Buy and enjoy it now.

A nowadays hard to find excellent bottle is this Brunello di Montalcino “Poggio di Sotto 2001”. Intense ruby red in color with garnet sprinkles. Its rich, intense perfume with notes of wild berries and spices announces its splendid bouquet, full, harmonious, robust, yet very fruity, with hints of balsamic essences. The well present tannins are leaving you with those impressions for quite a while.

The ruby red color with orange hints of this Brunello di Montalcino “Caparzo 2001 Riserva introduces a rich perfume, full and fruity. A sensation that carries on in its full bouquet, soft, yet strong with delicate fruity and spicey hints. Very pleasant, long lasting finish.

This Brunello 2000 has a nice ruby red color with orange hints. Its perfume is very elegant and rich, with notes of wild berries. Its bouquet is fruity, warm and well structured, quite harmonic and delicate. Very persistent on the palate.
Vintages available: 2000,2003