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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G.

The Nobile di Montepulciano may by the ruels be produced out of a minimum of 70% Prugnolo gentile (Sangiovese), a maximum of 20% Canaiolo. For the remaining percentage the winery may pick another grape type authorized by the province of Siena, except Malvasia. White grapes may not exceed 10%. Like all steps of the wine making, the wine aging has to be made within the city limits of Montepulciano as well. At least 24 moth in wooden casks, or 18 month in wooden casks with proceeding time in other receptacles than the bottle, or, as the third and last possibility 12 month in wooden casks, six month in other receptacles and six in the bottle.

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The Nobile by Poliziano is well structured, with longevity and perfumes that are intense but not exaggerated, faithfully expressive of deep, Tuscan roots and the ancient bond between the soil, man and culture.
Vintages on stock: 2004 and 2005

The Nobile 2003 from the Tenuta Lodola Nuova has a rich bouquet with hints of black cherries and wild berries. Well-structured on the palate, quite harmonic with a long finish with a slight taste of chocolate.

This Nobile „Quercetonda“ from Le Casalte has a full ruby red color. Its perfume is quite intensive with hints of violets, plums and wild berries. Aromatic the bouquet, with balsamic hints and a bit of eucalyptus and spices, as well as traces of cacao and coffee. Long lasting finish.

This Nobile from Avignonesi is ruby red with garnet reflexes. Its scent is quite delicate and intensive. On the palate harmonic and rich in tannins, with hints of fruits and violets. Long lasting finish.

The Nobile Riserva from the same Fattoria del Cerro is intensively ruby red by color with violet hints. Its perfume is very elegant, with sensations of violets and fruits. On the palate again hints of violets, black- and blueberries and spices. In the long lasting finish hints of pepper, vanilla liquorice. Even more noble than the Nobile Annata.

This Nobile from the Fattoria del Cerro has a nice ruby red color. Its splendid perfumes variegate between fruits like wild berries and spices. Its bouquet is quite delicate, yet full, fruity and elegant – not to say noble. Long lasting finish with impressions of blackcurrant.

This „Nobile Pasiteo 2003“ by Fassati shows a nice ruby red color, with hints of violet. Its scent reminds on of fruits, such as sweet apples, as well on the palate sensations, with hints of vanilla and spices. Long lasting, with a slight taste of plums.